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First, some eye candy:

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# 1 First- sit enticingly close. When you’re with this girl you’re sexually attracted to, discover an excuse to sit actually near to her. Pull out your tablet and flaunt a cool new app, or read out a short women’s article from  she gets hot for.

stealth attraction

she will take it off for you

But as you sit alongside her, make certain you’re sitting across each other so your arms are grazing. Squeeze near and invade her space and gradually move her focus to the tablet or book in your hands so she’s too distracted to slide her butt away from you. See to it your arms brush like feathers, since the soft grazing of both your arms is essential to rouse the sexual stress and turn her on.

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Now moving on….

# 2 Keep her interested. Don’t talk flirty at all. It’ll raise her guard. She’s already touching you and she’s certainly aware of that. Get her distracted from the touches by having an intriguing conversation with her.

Get her attention by gossiping about something you heard or reveal a some secret you learnt through a little birdie. As long as you delight her with something while talking with her, she’s forgetting the fact that both of you are nearly attached at the hip.

# 3 Start chatting flirty with her. Getting a lady horny is simplest when both of you have to sit alongside each other for a while without any disruptions, be it in a conference room or a collection, and even while taking a trip in a train or bus. Wherever you are, simply get her involved and things will go smoothly all the means.

Somewhere along the conversation, get flirty with her discreetly. Compliment her about something to begin with. Be very subtle or she’ll move far from you. “You smell excellent”, “I such as the material of your shirt”, “You have really nice eyes, did  guys ever say that before? From this close, it sparkles” are just a few lines that’ll appeal her but make her blush without moving far from you. Watch this video for a good demonstration of stealth attraction.

Keep the discussion going casually and drop a couple of comments or flirty lines now and then. And if you’ve currently texted dirty or flirted earlier, do raise them again to stoke the fires of attraction. Nothing like stealth to get her hot.  By the way, if you can text spy her to know her secret pleasures, that would be stellar for conversational material.

# 4 Touch her fingers. Play it safe like kindling an oven. No matter  what, see to it these little moves both of you are indulging in is discreet. If she feels uncomfortable or uneasy,you assassinate your sexual endeavor. Discover a reason to touch her fingers, either by brushing her palm with yours or by providing her something to hold. Compliment her about her delicate fingers or how smooth it is. She ‘d know your naughty games by now, but as long as you keep the speed slow and enjoyable, she’ll like your sensuous touches.

An additional  way is to play a game of palm reading. It’ll work even if she knows you have no idea about palmistry. Flirt with her and state something naughty when you see her palms. Or if that does not work, touch her fingers and compliment her ring or her bracelet. Or even her earrings. Simply see to it you warm her approximately your touches. View the video on stealth attraction

# 5 Whisper into her ears. This works like a rockstar if there are strangers around you -it heightens the intimacy.The  cinema, bus trips, the backseat of an automobile with friends when another person is driving, or if both of you are at home enjoying a motion picture are perfect times to savour the whispering act.

Do not be funny while whispering into her ear. If she laughs, it totally eliminates the mood. Go near her ear like you’re whispering something and compliment her again and state you just had to  say it again because she’s a major stunner.

If you wish to get straight to the point, whisper into her ear and ask her if she ‘d like to hang out with you later on. Whispering something intimate like a date request with some heavy breathing in the background will make the hair on the back of her neck and hands stand. And ensure your lips graze her ears so she can feel a tip of a teasing kiss on her ear.

# 6 Reach out from across her. To make any of these moves work, you have to feel the sexual tension in the air. If you do not feel it, don’t attempt these steps. And when you feel the sexual chemistry thicken in the air, don’t fret, she’ll feel it too and even get aroused by it.

Now that you’ve been touching her and whispering into her ear, it’s time to take it to the next level. Find a reason to reach out to something from across her. And as you reach your hand out to select something up, ensure your shoulder or arm grazes her bust or some various other strategic body part. Play innocent and do not jerk back or look unpleasant. Make it appear natural, like you’re a clean boy scout who’s doing absolutely nothing wrong. If her busts are out of reach, move your hands throughout her back or over her thigh, or practically any location that you would not touch in other laid-back situations.

# 7 Read her reciprocation. If she begins speaking gently or moves intimately into your space, chances are, she’s as horny as you are right now! If you’ve been following these pointers to the tee, you ‘d definitely have an erection already. Simply play along and repeat the flirting, teasing, touching and connecting of body parts from time to time for as long as both of you enjoy it. Check out the advance resource on sizzling hot stealth attraction
Note: Graze your hands against her bust or enjoy her tee shirt and if you find anything stiffened up, you’ve just worked your magic and made a lady horny, my friend!

# 8 Ask her out. Now all this turning on shouldn’t go to waste, should it? Tease her and play with her for a while, and she’ll like everything the more. Or if you want to do something more about it, go near to her ear and ask her if she ‘d like to come over to your place.

If you’re with pals, make an excuse and get out separately and meet her outdoors so both of you can get house and do something about all that heavy petting and surging hormones!

Now Let’s RAMP up the StealthAttraction

The followin is an in depth scrutiny of stealth attraction

stealth attraction technique

She will take strip down for you


(This program is so evil, it was banned on several NLP groups)

How guys wish to learn how to instantly get girls with just a few lines.  While there is no instant bullet, there is a structured method that gets failure rate with women down to 2%. A good friend of mine who slept with over 500 women documents his instructional experiences in a DVD set “Stealth Attraction“. This is my review of it.

The Good: Very useful with clear demonstrations and examples, very efficient – specifically if you want to date higher quality women, experienced teachings, original content.
The Bad: Nothing to state except that this technique may require a whole day of mastery.
The Bottom Line: An excellent product for people who want to improve the quality of females they are getting and avoid rejection.
It’s has exceptional advice for conference and bring in more women in higher end places and clubs or social situations.


This is a great course. Richard La Ruina’s experience really shines as he demonstrates the how to’s of stealth attraction and advanced flirting.

The content is  aimed towards winning higher quality ladies , not just cheap sluts and horny teenage girls. If you’re after high status females, then there can be no better program that this one. Indeed , it works on strippers and sluts, but you will find yourself gunning for the hot babe 10s once you get through with this seduction system.

stealth attraction

She gets hot for stealth attraction

Luxury Clubs & Bars

Richard Ruina launches the seminar in the  context of luxury bars, promoters, getting involved in the clubs and so on. He chats a bit about value and setting the scene for you, so that you know exactly how to electrify your game for instant success.

Premium clubs boast a chill vibe and make an excellent staging ground. He dispels that the myth that meeting women there is next to impossible. Watch the opener and you’ll want to diver right in.


The best aspect of this program is that everything is demonstrated. Richard has a lady on call throughout his presentation and he utilizes her a lot to show exactly how each of the strategies works. He does this in detail and frequently does retakes.

The content itself keeps away from abstraction and concept. It is actually a big collection of methods that Gambler utilizes in high end cocktail lounge venues.

Many of these are non-verbal methods and he walks you through them step by action.

Illustrations abound:

  • put your leg right here
  • move your hands like this.
  • do this with both of your hands, make this face etc. etc.
  • whisper in a certain manner.

This program forces you to absorb the subtleties of what Richard is doing. I suggest you freeze frame every key note. There’s a wealth of information in there..

Stealth Attraction is delivered via a VIP  membership online forum where you can read and get amazing feedback for each video. Richard is extremely hands-on in giving feedback to everybody who provides concerns. He addressed every question I saw in the online forum and there are a lot. This hands-on support will make it a lot easier for you to execute.

Who is this Relevant For?

This program is focused on the budding PUA wishing to go for high quality females. To make use of this you will already have some success with females. If you’ve started out with similar programs in the past, you’ll probably dump most of them and focus on this one. I’m an NLP expert, but I see how flawlessly executed this system is and how it will work on almost anyone (and yes… maybe even on men) It’s that good.

Drawbacks to the Program?

There weren’t any genuine drawbacks to speak about on this program. The only issue I can see is a total newbie execute a a complex stealth move and getting himself hauled to jail. So be careful. It’s strong, but done wrong, you can get into trouble.

A Word About Pricing and Billing

This program consists of a 14-day cost-free trial of the Master PickUp Artist University. The means this works is that you pay a preliminary cost to access the Stealth Attraction program where you get instant access to Stealth Attraction and the first set of Master PickUp University videos and courses (The Social Domination Blueprint, Approaching Confidence and 9 Secrets to Nines and 10s).

After 14 days, if you stay on the program, you get access to even more Master PickUp Artist University videos and insight and you are billed $69.95. You will be billed and receive new videos monthly afterwards if you remain on the program. Similar to all subscription programs you can cancel when you desire.

If you’re a cheapskate, you’d sign up for free, get everything you want, then leave before a fee is charged.

Woops. Did I say that??

Of course Richard La Ruina / PUA Training are counting on you remaining on the program for a number of months since you discovered it so beneficial – which if the other content on the program is as excellent as Stealth Attraction, I wouldn’t be shocked if you do.

The Bottomline

Already had some success with the ladies? Then you are ready for Stealth Attraction. The demonstration is easy enough for newbies, yet more than enough for advanced learners. Even legendary Ross Jeffries might pick up a thing or two from this amazing guide.

Note: This stealth attraction technique  is perfect for people who particularly wish to enhance the quality of females they are getting. If you are dating many women and they’re mere 8’s or 7s, you’d love the overnight success this product grants.. Adding these girl attraction methods  to your skillset will make a big distinction to the quality of women you attract.

My advice: Sign up for the free access. Grab everything you can. It’s free for 14 days. How cool is that?