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TRUE Alpha mens pheromone cologne is an addictive and potent slow release pheromone oil for men. Start with one drop applied to a warm area of your body close to blood flow, such as behind each ear. You’re just moments away from getting free pheromones to amp your dating game.

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What’s in your Premium Pheromones: True Alpha

Total Pheromone Content   Total Pheromone Content 13,334 mcg (47.6 mcg/drop)
 Pheromone Dosage   Effective Dosage 1 to 5 drops MAX (risk of overdose)
 Total Pheromone Drops Per Bottle   Total Number Of Drops/Bottle 280 drops (+/- 10 drops)
 Total Pheromone Volume Per Bottle   Total Volume 10ML
 Pheromone Scent   Scented or Unscented? Unscented
 Duration of Pheromone Effects   Duration of Pheromone Effects    8 to 10 hours (slow-release pheromones)