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Free Downloads: Banned Seduction Videos and Books

If you want to learn the exact method used by this fellow to create multiple orgasms, download the Remote Orgasmic Tantra on this page.Remote Orgasm Tantra

Mind Control Her (download this first)

Download this first. Written by ex-CIA Agent Mark Oswall, this manual teaches unethical methods of creating love lust and attraction-using mental power. 265 pages.

Covert Hypnosis 3.0 (download this first)

Ever run into those people on the street who can hypnotise you into giving your wallet. And you do it with a smile? If you wonder how they do it- written by Dr. Tatanya, this banned manual teaches the secret. Rapid DownloadDownload V4.  Alternative v4. Another download link.

Banned Domination (download this first)

Also by the previous author, Oswall teaches emotional tactics to melt hearts whether online or not and irresistibly guide the interaction to the bedroom. 183 pages. Rapid DownloadAlternative Download.

MI6 CIA Black Ops Attraction

Top British James Bond knows everything in this book. In fact most top level agents are trained in the art of lethal seduction to seize their goal. Learn from 365 pages of hard hitting How-Tos of seduction… the CIA Way. Rapid Download.  Alternative Download.Speed Seduction 5

Ross Jeffries- The Last Speed Seduction 5.0 20015

This is the complete $397 product – up to 57GB! What would it be worth to you if you knew you could get the hottest women completely lusting and eager for you within twenty minutes of meeting you, without even having to bother with a ‘date’? Ross Jeffries started the PUA industry and released scores of products since 1999. This is is last product made in 2015. Alternative downloadTorrent file Download.

Remote Orgasm Tantra

Written in 2005 and banned from sale in 2007, the Remote Orgasm Tantra teaches how to control energy and induce waves of orgasms without even touching the body. It works on males and females. Live workshops in London were likewise banned under ordinance. Rapid DownloadDownload 3Download 4.Be Stylish

Tinder Charmer 2.5

Only 5% of men succeed at Tinder and online dating. Here’s how to be one of the top5%. 432 pages with real walkthroughs.Rapid DownloadAlternative Download.

How to Be Stylish

Written August 2014, this is the definitive 400 page guide to transform you from a chumpto a James Bond. This is key: women will fall for the perfectly dressed man. Here’s how to look sharp – the way women want it. Rapid DownloadAlternative Download.

Get Her To Chase You

Tired of pursuing? There are psychological and mental triggers that get women pursuing you- whether it’s via your Tinder Profile or the way you strut into a coffee shop. 400pages- and written by Mr. Chase.

MLF Da Babe 3.5 Free

Created in 1999 and overhauled for over 12 years, MLF Da Babe Free is a subliminal programming system that converts you from a loser into a player. Users report a 48 hour transformation.

Santeria Lust Chant

It gets weird-but this is highly effective. If you know Santeria High Magick, then you’ll know the lust chant. All you do is whisper it several times and the effect is like extreme pheromones. This special chant had been encoded into volatile MP3 form. Just play it in your phone and watch the magic.Get her chasing

Energy Rising

So you got her into bed, but you’re the Minute Man. The Energy Rising Mp3 uses special chakra frequencies that increase your internal energy allowing you to last all night till she cums 12 times. This requires high quality headset.Use before meeting her.

MLF Da Money

So you’re poor and can’t affordher dinner by candle light. No problem. Listen to MLF da Money for a week and watch your financial quotient skyrocket. Created by Mr. Claudio – one of the world’s greatest PUAs and part time tycoons. Originally started at the MindList.

The Annilalation Mastery 2012

Banned in 2011 and taken off the shelves in 2012, this book written by Mystery is an unethical update to the original Mystery Method. 7MB PDF. Rapid Download Alternative download link.

Keiza Noble Teaches Stealth Dating

Online Gaming 3.0 – Keiza Noble

The hot Keiza Noble reveals her strategy for meeting and attracting women using social networks. You can’t miss this one. 373 pages + Video. Rapid DownloadDownload 1. Download 2.  Grab just the PDFOnline Game 3.0

Text Game 2.5 – Keiza Noble

The sizzling Keiza noble unleashes the methods of getting women soaking wet just with text and skype messages. A must grab! Download 1. Download 2.

Unlock Her Legs

Just 4 words whispered in a very powerful way will get you laid 90% of the time. Secret revealed in this free video.

Magnetic Messaging

Free video reveals precise text messages that can get ice queens on Tinder or Hot Or Not demanding you strip your clothes off.

Banned Ross Jeffries – Beyond Confidence (120MB)

Audio Video coaching. Transform into a Pickup Artist over night. Costs $300 if you buy it.

Banned Ross Jeffries – Secrets of Speed Seduction PDF (2MB) 2014

The most powerful system that teaches how to wet panties faster than a typhoon.MCT

Banned Ross Jeffries – Tacticals To Get Your Wife to Strip Like a Porn Star

It’s unethical. It’s banned

Severely Banned – Impulse Master

Video reveals how to touch women exactly at the right spots to make them cum- even in public.

Banned Ross Jeffries – Irresistible Arousal and Gushing Orgasms (500MB video)

And this one is banned again. For Obvious Reasons.

Banned Ross Jeffries- Magick and Psychic Influence (2GB video)

Invoking spirits can help invoke the orgasm in her. Remotely.

Banned Ross Jeffires – Magick and Psi Influence (5MB) Ebooks

Same- but in ebook format

Banned Neil Strauss The Annihilation of Pussy Method

You’ll stop reading. Midway. It’s unethical.

Banned Neil Strauss How to Get Hot Pussy Into Bed

Hot Tip To Win At TinderThe Tinder Flame

Sometimes you need a Tinder / OKCupid profile that stands out. Mere good looks is not enough. A good illustration is this fellow who modified his Tinder profile with a frame that says  “Tinder Match of  the Day”. Guess what? The females loved it. From 2 matches a day, his profile got 100. That’s per day. He also executed the following tips:

  • The 1st line of his About stated just the following: “Yes I really am your Tinder Match”
  • The second line asserted: ” If I told you you’re gorgeous, what would you say?”
  • Nothing else

Simple. Snazzy and straight to the point. No fake interests like skydying and wrestling with tigers. Are you ready to duplicate that?

Remember, women are browsing fast. A 50 word description is all you need. Keep it straight to the point and let the humourous side shine through. You’ll evade the creep radar and get right in.


Even grandma flirted with him


Where To Find Hot Babes Online

Free Pheromones

Be a Natural Player Today

Let us face it. Every guy needs to be a player sooner or later. Every guy dreams of ways to get any girl. Some guys have the capacity to do this without even attempting. Other men need to work extremely difficult to make it happen.

It’s possible for you to make this happen.

You met the natural players right? …

The tough looking guys that smoke cigarettes. The handsome bastards with the mustaches. These are the sort of men that get all the girls.

Do you look like that? There’s a way to become a player that is suitable for your look and style. There’s a secret to maximize your best attributes so all the girls start falling all over you.

It is that easy. You just need to make some changes. Do you want to learn about the changes which you have to make?

Then let us get into it now…

Ladies Love Hot Shoes

I know this might seem dumb to you as a guy, but you’ve got to recognize that girls are into footwear. The actually have a sick fascination with shoes. And if you are wearing crappy shoes or kicks on your feet, you actually are going to wind up turning off nearly all women.

Would you rather avoid that at any cost?

If you are like most men, you would definitely like to prevent that. That is been killing your game and causing you all sorts of issues.

What do you do about this issue?

Well, if you have the cash it would be better to get multiple pairs of expensive shoes. But not everybody has a lot of money accessible to them.Get her hot

And if that is true, then invest in one pair of fine shoes. Ensure the shoes are matched by your ensemble. This is key to impressing girls and it is something that they really pay attention to.

You will look ridiculous in the eyes of this girl if your shoes  do not match your clothes. So keep that in mind when choosing your shoes.

But that’s just one tip. Here’s another…

Good Personal Hygiene Can Make or Break Your Life as a Player

Again, as a man this may look like a topic that is foreign. It might seem like it is no big deal, but girls actually pay attention to this stuff. That is merely the way that it goes.

So here is what I want you to do…

Make sure you’re wearing clothes that just came out of the washing machine. Make sure your hair is combed and cut and not appearing disheveled. Make sure you completely brush your teeth. Make sure your nails are cut. Be sure that you wear fine smelling cologne. Make certain that the girl will be thoroughly impressed with your hair, cleanliness, clothing, footwear, smell, teeth, breath and everything else related to personal hygiene.

If you begin to practice good personal hygiene you’ll become a player. You are going to start turning the heads of girl. You will begin picking up the hottest chicks in the bar. You may start landing the most magnificent girls at school. You will start impressing the most pretty girls in church. This is a guarantee. But you need to work at it. These things will be noticed by girls.

Some guys are really into vogue. Those men also get laid on a regular basis. How about you? Are you sick of sitting home on your own on a Saturday night playing pocket pool?

Well, if you want that to change, you’re going to need to start looking into trends. You should update your wardrobe right now and make sure that you have nice-looking clothes in the current fashion.

I have no notion when you are reading this so I am not going to recommend unique styles of clothing. Trend changes all the time.

Get her To laugh

If you’ve the girls laughing their ass off they will fall for you, although the ugliest guy in the room can be you. That’s just the way it goes. Girls like funny guys.

Are you eventually starting to find the formula?

If you are looking to become a hot man instead of an average Joe, use this advice today. It actually does work. Big Time.

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