How to Get Girls Hot and Bothered

How to Get Girls Hot and Bothered

I’ve found that with romance stories, the guy consistently has the same pattern when it comes to their traits. Infuse these traits into your personality and women will want to pursue you!how to get girls hot and bothered

#1 Great sense of humor

#2 Appealing *both inside and out*

#3 Interests that are reciprocal nature

#5 Selfless

#6 Care

#7 Empathy

#8 Faithful

#9 Emotionally secure

#10 Practical

#11 Ambitious

#12 Clever

#13 Friendly

#14 Grown up

#15 Secure

#16 Creative

#17 Fervent

#18 Protective

Take Mr Darcy for example, his big awful characteristic was pride, at the beginning of the book he was full of it, he wouldn’t dance with any of the girls, he looked down his nose at individuals in a lesser scenario than his, and he was rude to everyone.

However Mr Darcy manages to turn himself around in the second half of the novel, due to circumstances that forced him to reveal his better side, so to speak. In the last half, you learn that Mr Darcy is practical, selfless, loyal, smart and actually, fairly friendly. It totally redeems his character and his pride stops being an issue.

This happens over and over again in romance stories, and it happens over and over again in life too, if you consider it. How often have you met an individual and disliked them straight away, then as you have to know them because they seemed unfriendly or selfish, you have comprehended that they’re all that good.