How to Get a Girlfriend in Every City: 9 Quick tactics

how to get a girlfriend

It’s a feeling we’ve all experienced…

You’re at the club with your boys… having a few drinks… then she walks by.

Your PUA friends keep talking, but you can’t even hear what they’re saying anymore.

Your mind is too busy racing with all the nasty things you want to do to her.

She looks amazing in that sinfully short black dress and you’re imagining how incredible it’s gonna feel to tear itoff.

But we both know what happens next…


make girls want you

Because even though you’d kill to bring her home with you… and you desperately want to walk over and make it happen…

Your body refuses to cooperate. You’re frozen by fear.

You think of all the ways it can possibly go wrong.

You’re scared you won’t know the right thing to say…

You’re afraid she’s gonna reject you… and embarrass you in front of your boys.

So you just continue to stand there with your drink pinned to your chest and let another opportunity go by.

It kills you inside… and you know next weekend, you’ll be reliving the same nightmare.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if you never had to face that horrible feeling again?

How much easier would it be to approach that girl…if you already knew she wanted you?

If there was ZERO risk of rejection?

If it were impossible to fail… and you were GUARANTEED to f*ck her?

Then… walking up to a woman would be completely stress-free…as easy as ordering your morning coffee.

Well… for thousands of guys this fantasy is now reality.

Girls will pursue you

Because they’ve discovered a way to completely shut down a woman’s rejection mechanism…

And force-feed feelings of desire… lust… and sexual addiction directly into her subconscious mind.

It’s called Stealth Attraction

When you use it on a woman… she has no choice but to want you…

To crave you, even…

And the best part?

Even though you get her more turned on than she’s ever been in her life, the techniques you use to make it happen are 100% undetectable.

Meaning… nobody watching will have ANY idea what you’re doing.

Not even the girl…

She just knows it feels really good… and she needs more of it.

That’s the power of Stealth Attraction

The rejection-proof seduction system that’s allowing thousands of regular guys to live out a sex life beyond their wildest dreams.

A sex life that would make even rappers, rock stars and professional athletes jealous…

This… is your chance to put your sexual frustration behind you once and for all.

It’s your opportunity to finally experience the freedom and choice with women you deserve.

In today’s article we learn ten easy steps of stealth attraction. (Do you like long reads? Grab the free 600 page PDF here. Do you like a demonstration of this in video format? Watch the banned video here )

She will want sex bad


Cutting her defenses: Laughter and a good mood

When she is laughing or in a good mood all her defenses come down. This is the time when you make your move; kiss her, hug her. Don’t do anything too invasive, do just enough to get the sexual tension going. Laughter, if you didn’t know, tends to increase pheromones. Pheromones boost sexual attraction. (Here’s how to get pheromones for free.)

Bad mood or depressed:
This is a golden opportunity. When a woman is feeling down and depressed she feels out of control. As a result, the solution is for you to assume total control. She will probably welcome the direction since she will probably feel somewhat confused. Tell and direct her to do everything, but don’t dictate to her. Ask or suggest that she do this or that. Remember if she feels out of control, she will comply if she needs a controlling element and your direction makes her feel better.

Women need to be needed. When a woman is indifferent this is the time to ask for advice. It will make her feel like she counts and has value and the indifference will subside.

Get her moving:
When she is running or moving around, her adrenaline is pumping. When you do these things together, it is very similar to the feelings created during sex, and will therefore create a sexual bond between you. Did you know that ordering her get you a warm beer creates infatuation? This evil video explains why.

This is deadly powerful seducer. Use music like Billy Holiday, Dusty Spring field, and an assortment of oldies. Why? Many songs give subliminal messages that women will respond to. Even though they will not know it and will not know why, it works. And you will know it by their reaction. It might not be your favorite music, but the desired result will be accomplished. Try “Enigma” on a women. You will see a response even if neither one of you care for the music. There’s a kind of music that gets women horny fast. Learn about that here.

Sex and Violence:
There is a reason they always put these two together. It’s because the combination works. Here is a clue on how to work it. Have a play fight or wrestling match and see if she doesn’t get sexually aroused and turned on.

Show her you are imperfect:
Make mistakes and say “well I screwed up” or things like “I thought I was right, but I was wrong.” By allowing her to see that you are imperfect, it gives her permission to be imperfect too. And let’s face it, no one is right all of the time.

Allow her to occasionally see your vulnerabilities:
Everyone is afraid to let someone else see them in a vulnerable position. However, the best way to get a woman to let her hair down and open up to you is when she is not putting up walls to hide her vulnerabilities. She is more likely to share her own weaknesses with you if you’ve already shared
one of yours with her. It will make her feel less afraid of rejection. Which brings us to the next strategy Never, ever criticize or judge her when
she’s just shared a weakness or fear. That is the time to be supportive and bolster her ego.

Never criticize:
Criticism serves no one. It only brings up defenses and distances you from your target women.

Penetrate her:
Penetrate in any way possible, this creates more sexual opportunities than you can count. Feed her by hand, or fork or spoon. If she smokes, put a cigarette in her mouth. Put your fingers between her fingers. Any type of penetration will subconsciously get a women turned on – big time. Getting a finger into her mouth will get her turned on big time. And guess what? There’s a little known part on her arm that when you touch, makes her wet fast. Learn about that here.