Unleash Stealth Attraction with Magnetic Crystals

Unleash Stealth Attraction Derived from Magneto-Crystal Energy

Magnets and crystals are known sources of energy. Magnets for instance can be utilized to generate EMFs. Crystals can be deployed for piezoelectric devices. Your quartz watch runs on precisely that: the electrical timing of quartz energy.

But did you know you can use magnets and crystals for stealth attraction? This article reveals how.double terminated quartz

  1. First obtain a double terminated quartz crystal. The spherical crystals are too mild for your purposes. For your reference, the quartz has at most two points. The shape forces energy very energetically.
  2. Tape or glue a Neodymium magnet at the center of the crystal. You can check wondermagnets.com for some exemplary samples.
  3. Now find a target individual. The target can be an interviewer during a job interview or a lady during a blind date.
  4. When you see see your target, slow down your breathing with pranayama. Focus your mind power to your hara while grasping the crystal in your left hand. You will feel your hand throb as it takes in energy from the crystal core.
  5. With your right hand mildly clenched, stroke the palm of your right hand with your middle index  finger while imagining that you are stroking the hara or perineum chakra of your prospect.
  6. Approach the prospect after  4 minutes and talk in a leisurely, languid and droning manner. Punctuate your speech with long pauses as you furtively stroke your palm.

Observe the reaction of your prospect. Without a doubt, you will find your prospect hooked to almost every word and utterly cooperative. Need more power and even faster results? Then you may want this chaos magick tool. It’s stealth attraction in over drive!