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Adding your date on Facebook? Consider these rules

So you spotted your date on Facebook,. Here’s our guide on the right things the wrong things and the must dos!

#1 DO add him or her. What damage can it do? You’ve already had a great time in real life, so the virtual world is just a supplementary link for both of you. Being each other’s friend on Facebook not only lets you in on the matters you weren’t unable to talk about during your date, but it may also be an alternate form of communicating in case either of you are n’t at liberty

#2 DON’T make a fake report for stalking. Have you got a paranoid side that makes you think that your date is posting things he/she doesn’t desire you to see? Everyone is entitled to some privacy, and if there are things your date doesn’t need you to see yet, you should respect that.

#3 DO check out their profile. What good is adding a person on Facebook if you are not going to have a stroll through pictures and their latest posts?

Who knows, you might discover that their online profile speaks volumes more than their real-life existence. Getting to know their online presence would make for excellent stuff during your next date also.

#4 DON’T stalk too much. There’s an enormous difference between checking out each and every post, interaction, like, activity and opinion done by your date in the previous couple of years, and casually browsing. Would not it be better to hear the narrative in person of your date than merely deducing every minor detail from Facebook posts?

#5 Another thing you should probably avoid is delving so far into your date’s on-line history that you unintentionally ‘enjoy’ a post from 2008! Not only do you fail at stealth, but you will also have to come up with an answer to “What the hell are you doing looking into my old posts?”

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