Speed Seduction 5: Secrets To Getting a Girlfriend Fast by Ross Jeffries

Ross Jeffries Teaches 5 Secrets of Speed Seduction To Get Girls Fast

win any girl with speed seduction fast

Just three phrases and she’s wet for you

What you’ll learn:  You’ll seduce any girl with 5 stealth openers that melts  hearts fast. You’ll create lust so strong, she’ll fall for you, no matter how dog-faced you are. So stop watching porn and wanking off. Get a real woman! (But if you really want the racy stuff, you can get free passes here)

Today’s article is based on the core techniques of Ross Jeffries. Never heard of him?

Ross Jeffries started the PUA (Pick Up Artist Community) and is renowned for developing high impact techniques that can attract any woman to any man regardless of his looks, social status or communication skills. Ross Jeffries created the famous Speed Seduction technique. He has written over 100 books and released countless seminars based on hypnotic NLP that creates charm in a mere 7 seconds. In today’s How to Get Girls Guide, you learn Five Steps to Meeting and Romancing any girl- whether you meet her on the street or on Tinder.

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How to win her on Tinder

Just one opener on Tinder and she’s yours

Step One: Seduce Her On Tinder

When you’re randomly hitting on women on Tinder, you must exude the vibe that you are the prize and you’re not pursuing her. This is the first step to speed seduction. The best phrases I’ve used with 90% success rate are:

“So is this where you’re supposed to insert a witty message. But first, tell me got any boys pregnant on tinder?”

“Ok. Since we matched, I guess you have good taste and aren’t ladyboy. Correct me if I’m wrong.”

“I’m pregnant. It’s yours. Help!”

Why do these work? Each phrase is funny, exudes a bad boy vibe and makes her qualify herself to you. They always work.

The worst line? “Hi. Wasup”.

Now that’s just plain dumb.

Keiza Noble, one of the world’s hottest female dating coaches,  sold an amazing ebook called Online Gaming Expert in January 2015. You can grab it free here.  You’ll find 100 different high impact openers that women really fall for.



You can give her orgasms- with your voice.

Step Two: Secure Her Number Early

By early, this means right after you match on online dating sites. The longer wait, the faster she’ll lose interest. The one phrase I always use is straightforward:

“I don’t like keeping my Tinder or Match app active all the time. Where can I reach you: Facebook or your Cell?”

This works 100% of the time. You can also try

“I’m deactivating this app today- too many dogs. At what number can I reach out to you?”

Bobby Rio created a short video called Unlock Her Legs that can help you with this. Watch it here.


Speed Seduction Openers

This guy seduced everyone from an 18 year old to a grandma. Just one phrase

Step Three: The Perfect Meeting Opener

So you agreed to meet at the local cafe. Or for the movies. What do you say to get the young lady at ease and fawning for you? The key is to use a special NLP Seduction technique which taps on the comfort created by pacing and leading. Your first plan of attack is to ask two queries that establish similarity and common ground. The phrase that always works is based on asking about the occasion and the location.

“So what were you doing before we met?” Occasion.

“How did you find that party you attended last night” Occasion

“What plans did you have after we meet?” Occasion.

and my favorite

“I’m lost here, but you’re the local. What do you recommend for jolly fun at this place?” Location.

Make sure you listen to her and ask follow up questions. If you’re at a loss for replies, just repeat her last word in question format. This keeps the conversation going.

At a loss for words? This handy seduction infographic can keep you going:

Ultimate Pickup Blueprint

Take note: you must look your best. If you dress like a buffoon, make sure you get How to Be Stylish, an amazing manual that teaches how to look like James Bond. It costs $97 but you can get it free here.

Make sure you also put on some good cologne. Gendarme always worked for me. So does Hugo Boss Red.  Women love it! One shady technique is to use pheromones – these are sex scents that make ladies horny. Pheromones often cost $49 to $249 but you can get a free bottle here.



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Step Four: Charm Her to Screaming Lust

So you’ve broken the ice. You’ve gotten her talking about enough pleasantries to establish the connection. Your next mission is to play her heart till she feels that wanton desire to know you more. From the scores of fluff talk I’ve experimented with in speed seduction, the most effective for the mid-game seduction is to focus on occupation and passions.

Ask her open ended questions along the line of:

“So what do you do for fun”

“What are you avid about that your friends aren’t”

“What keeps you excited”

“What’s the best things about work”

“What keeps you happy at work”

“Tell me why you chose that line of work”

Believe me. Nothing works better than these lines to deepen the unbridled interest in you. Keep the conversation flowing by throwing follow up queries. Again, repeat her last word in question format if you don’t know what to say.

If you need a bit of push, use the help of magic. Santeria Practitioners have been teaching this magical invocation to some higher powers which create lust when chanted. Download this Santeria Lust Chant and play it on low volume. Watch as people around you get into a racy mood.


Make her cum by pressing three spots

Step Five: Go for The Home Run and Get Her Squirting on Your Bed

This is it. She loves everything you’ve been saying even though she’s been doing all the talking. That’s the power of NLP Seduction. Remember, the more you ask open ended queries on topics that matter, your macho points go up.

It’s time to breach the tipping point. Get her feeling like she’s known you all her life. The go for gold.

The secret is the childhood question.

Speed Seduction 5

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Ask a woman a question from her childhood and her mind flies free to happy memories of baking pie and warm playgrounds. The more she regresses, the happier she gets. And she transfers all that emotion to you.

Then she falls for you. Here are my favorites:

“So what was your fondest memory as a child”

“Tell me about your best friend when you were in primary school”

“Won any gold stars back in the day? What subject”

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