How to Have Stealth Attraction Sex

stealth attraction sex

She wants it bad

Fancy Someone Waking You Up for Sex?  How about midnight sex?

Do you love it? Or have you at any time been rudely awoken in the wee hours and then find your partner’s hands groping you down there at a feverish pace?

Getting aroused in your sleep is nothing unusual, and any people could experience it.

But if you’ve only began experiencing it, you might feel uneasy concerning the entire notion of doing the doggy when you’re half asleep and never actually conscious of what’s happening around you

Stealth Attraction Sex In 5 Steps

Here’s 5 tips to create middle of the night sex better – Through Stealth Attraction

There’s noting wrong with waking up horny in the middle of the night time or needing to get on top of your lover, nicely, as long as it is not affecting your regular sex life at all.

In your drowsy state of mind, there is a high probability that you may care more about insistently doing the dastardly deed than worry about your partner’s relaxation or their keenness in having sex with you at that instant.

Therefore, the next time you try and start a sudden quicky at the dead of the night, remember these five strategies to make it better, so your partner would take the mood for sex instead of desiring to whack your head together with the lampshade.

#1 Take it slow. Heat up to the act. Your raging hormones may be giving you a stiff time and making it more difficult to sleep, but only because you’re hard or wet does not mean your partner has to feel the same. Warm them upward for a couple minutes and make certain they are ready for you personally before you thrust your way in.

#2 Whisper in their own ears. At times, moaning sexual or saying something dirty can work wonders on your partner. In their own half sleeping state, whatever you say could be interpreted by your partner in a manner that will best arouse them, and that definitely would work in your favour.

#3 Do Not be egotistical here. It’s okay if it’s brief and fast, only as long as both of you orgasm. By ensuring your partner experiences a positive experience, you are also ensuring that they’d love it the following occasion you pull a speedy and rapid one to them in the heart of the night time.

#4 Do Not insist. This may feel just like a cold shower, but if your partner doesn’t desire to take action, don’t push your fortune. Whether you really need to finish up by yourself. In the end, it’sn’t rational to get annoyed  with your lover because they could not fulfill your completely egotistical whims when they’re tired and only craving for a few sleep in front of an extended day’s work.

#5 Pour out the Chi. Tantra is so popular these days because you can literally cause an orgasm by funneling chi from your base chakras into your partner’s sexual chakras. No mental discipline is required- simple focus and arm movements can lead to a sexual orgasm even without  a single touch? The full process is described in these hardcore energetic seduction techniques.

Watch this video to see a demo of the power: