Why You Suck at Tinder. And How to Date 100 Girls a Day

Want to know why you have no matches on Tinder?

It’s not that you’re ugly… It’s not that you have no cash.

It’s because your Tinder profile sucks, and girls hate it.

But no fear – our team of hot girls have reviewed Tinder profiles for you countless guys since Tinder began. And over those years, there have been 10 major things in a guys profile that make them left-swipe you (that’s the rejection-swipe).

Behold: the top reasons you really lose at Tinder. (Click the photo for a larger view)

The Top reasons you suck at Tinder

How to Create a Tinder Profile That Girls LOVE

Make sure you save this infographic. It will help you avoid creating douchy profiles that girls simply hate. Now the question is: how do you create a profile women will go for?

Well, that’s easy…

There’s this dude who wrote an amazing $19 book called Tinsanity. In my opinion, he’s the ultimate pickup guy at Tinder (he’s gotten laid with thousands) You can buy it here.

OR, you can download a boatload of free seduction material from our secret vault. Everything pickup artists should know are there.

Ready to rock and roll?